Saturday, February 2, 2008

Decisions, decisions!

I can't believe how many great stole patterns we received! I've also pulled out two balls of a purple Jojoland quartette yarn for Sharon, our bonus prize winner. Thank you all for your thoughtful suggestions!

And no, I don't know which one I'll be doing yet, but I'll probably be making my decision sometime next week. I'm leaning towards the Woodland Shawl by the Thrifty Knitter because it looks like something that I can do on my daily commute, and I've got lots of that yarn, too. (Plus, at only one ball of sock yarn, I think I can finish this in just a couple of weeks, and a lot of the other patterns look like longer-term commitments.)

I have wound up my lace yarn, however, and as I put these patterns into order of yarn requirements, I'll be trying to figure out what appeals to me most.

In the meantime, there's one major project off my needles. It's a baby blanket for our friends Grace & Eric's new baby. (The one that Dotty just finished a quilt for. Yeah, that's going to be one spoilt little boy!)

And the next baby won't be coming until July, so I can take my time doing the next baby blanket, and do a wee bit of Christmas knitting (I'm going to try to start earlier this year, and do a gift a month, so that I'm not doing only Christmas knitting for the last few months of the year.)

(I have no idea why this photo won't rotate properly — I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to do it, and now I'm off to do my 20 minutes on the exercise bike!)

And I got a nice surprise in the mail last week, too! Shelly Kang, who's working on the most amazing mitered sock yarn blankie (follow the link from her name), had a giveaway on her blog last month. One of the things she gave away was a lot of allergy cookbooks, and I got them! Tony's already cooked a minestrone soup out of one of the books, and Andrew wants to do the Chocolate upside down fudge cake out of another book. (He wanted to do it this afternoon, but we took him to Science World instead.) Thank you again, Shelly! It's my hope that the good fortune of your kids outgrowing their allergies will follow these books, and help my kids to outgrow theirs.


Tamiknits said...

What a beautiful blanket!

Dotty said...

Aha - the woodland shawl... You might want to consider using 2 skeins of sock yarn - it's only 21" x 40" for one skein.