Sunday, February 10, 2008

still fat

This is what happens when I "wing it" or "make it up as I go along":

You get a mitten where the gusset's too deep and the thumb's fat. I decreased 4 sts at the base of the thumb and it's still too big. The thumb also looks stupid because it's so short (and fat). I like the decrease method for the top of the mitten - round sock toe from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm frogging this one and reknitting it.

I didn't have any further problems with my Harmony dpns. I have 2 other sets that I'm going to pull out and check before I contact KP. I really liked using them for the mittens because they were sticky enough that they didn't fall out when I was down to 8 sts on the thumb. I was also surprised to find that the shorter length didn't bother me that much.

Not much else on the knitting front... Just working on my WIP list. Every once in awhile, I pick up the Juno Regina stole and knit a few rows. I'm almost at the halfway point. I turned the heel on some commission socks. I hope to finish them off this week. I cast on the second Endpaper Mitt. I am fighting the urge to cast on for Imogen. I have the yarn/needles and I've already washed/dried/measured my swatch. Must Concentrate On WIPs.

Hubby and I went to the farmers' market this morning. We bought some bread (walnut rye and garlic cheese) and I wanted to buy some purple potatoes but the vendor wasn't there today. Then we went to the big store and did a bit more grocery shopping. I'm making wontons tonite. When we got home, I sat down to hand peel a huge bag of fresh water chestnuts (for the wontons). It took me almost an hour and my hands are completely cramped but it is soooo worth it to have fresh water chestnuts.

Off to do something useful... Laundry? Supervise/annoy hubby while he assembles our new computer? Nap? That last one sounds good.

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allergicmom said...

Napping sounds good to me! Andrew's got a huge fever and now everyone's napping now but me. I almost fell asleep with Geoff, but the kitchen is a disaster area, and I want to clean it out and then cook some spicy curry chicken for dinner to chase away all the bugs.