Wednesday, February 13, 2008

zipped lips

Oh oh oh! Something very special arrived a few days ago and I want to tell you what it is. But if I do, Gladys will know what I got her for her birthday (next week). It's soooo soft and smooshy and pretty. It's going to be hard to give away.

The Nutkin sock got frogged. The colours were pooling horribly. I cast on more sts than the pattern instructed so the knitting gods decided to smite me. I did measure the sock before I frogged it and I'm pretty sure that the sock would've been too narrow for my foot. So now I'm looking for a new pattern with a 64 st cast on. The Embossed Leaves sock is catching my eye...

While the Sweetgeorgia yarn was in temporary timeout, I hauled out hubby's Valentine's sock and finished it.

I'm pretty sure that I won't get the second sock finished by tomorrow. I'll just wrap the one sock with an IOU for the second sock. Speaking of wrapping, I need to wrap his other gifts as well. We said that we wouldn't do gifts this year - just cards and a nice dinner out (Memphis Blues!!!!!). But I couldn't resist a few items that I saw while shopping last week. Hee hee!

After I finished the sock, I also frogged my mitten back to the gusset.

I think the gusset's too short now. Humph! I am not frogging it again. It'll have to block out.

I am surprised that I've managed to get this much knitting done. On the weekend, I got a huge wood sliver deep into the inside of my left pinkie finger. I couldn't get it out but it was only mildly annoying while knitting. Yesterday night, it was really bugging me and when I looked, it was quite puffy and white like it was infected. Not good. The sliver had to come out. It was painful but I dug it out and this morning, my pinkie looks much better.

The bird feeder's been put away but the birdies are still visiting. Yesterday morning, I swear this steller's jay was yelling at us to put it back. It was perched on the gutter just a few feet away from the kitchen window and screaming. Phoebe was eating breakfast on the window shelf and she stopped eating to watch the jay. It flew over to the shepherd's hook where the feeder usually hangs so I'm pretty sure it was telling us that it wanted breakfast. That's some crazy wildlife!

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Louisa said...

The birds actually need food this time of year because they're starting to breed. There isn't much wild food left out there for them after the long winter. (Though I've had huge numbers of robins chowing down on my pyracantha berries!) I keep my feeder going well into summer weather. Or at least until the baby birds are well-grown. Guess I'm a sucker for the wild birdies, huh?