Monday, February 11, 2008

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

I had to take the bird feeder down this morning. I caught this little bugger eating out of it:

Bad squirrel! I should invest in squirrel proofing the feeder.

There are a ton of cars going up and down our street tonite. There's a natural gas leak near the "tank farm" (as in liquid fuel) that's about half a kilometer away from us. So a major road is closed, a rapid transit station has been closed, homes are being evacuated, etc. If something ignites the gas, that whole area would make a very big boom. Pretty spooky...

Here's the state of our new computer:

The case has 4 fans, the red thing is the video card, the CPU is an Intel quad core, and there are gaskets in the case if hubby ever wants to liquid cool the unit. This thing is fancier than my car.

Ricky is in the doghouse - literally:

He has been on a houseplant eating rampage. A few weeks ago, my hibiscus was knocked over. A few days later, hubby informed me that he caught Ricky chewing on it. That same day, I found a hibiscus leaf on the floor with teeth marks. I promptly moved the hibiscus to a taller plant stand and put a dormant plant in its place. Ricky hooks his paws on the lip of the pot and has a look to see if there's anything to chew on. We've caught him "balancing" on the back of the office chair trying to chew on the plant in there. The chair has been moved out of the way. And this morning, I found a leaf ripped off my weeping fig. Again, I've had to relocate a chair. I don't know what's wrong with him.

I used to grow cat grass but it made him vomit. And Phoebe would mow the whole thing down if you let her. So I would only bring out the pot for a few minutes at a time but then she would cry at the door and beg me to bring it out for her to chew on so I stopped growing cat grass.

My 30th pair

Yarn: ONline supersock fun
Needles: 2.25mm dpns
Pattern: generic toe-up

Another one crossed off my WIP list... These are the second pair of socks for Pauline out of the same yarn. These took forever to knit cuz I was soooo bored with the yarn. Of course, I've promptly cast on a new pair of socks (for me!). I'm knitting Nutkin with the SweetGeorgia that I won last year from Three Bags Full. So far, so good.


Robin said...

Invest in a "squngee" ( I did it's been pretty good at keeping them busy and away from my birdfeeders.
Poor Ricky...

Jana said...

otis has been a huge pain in the arse here too. he's got spring fever and driving me nuts!