Friday, February 15, 2008

mmmmm... bbq

Well, that was quite the adventure. I got stuck in rush hour traffic and by the time I got to Memphis Blues, hubby was already seated at our table. The Commerical Dr. one is dinky. It's an order/pick up kinda place. You go to the back and place your order and pay. When your order is ready, they yell your name out and you go get it and take it back to your table. Because we'd ordered the 3 course Valentine's special, they brought our meal to our table and took our empty plates away. Of course, the table service was bad but it's not something they do on a regular basis so I can forgive them.

There are no plates. The food is arranged on a grease paper covered wicker "tray" and you eat directly off it. We got forks because our meal included a salad. None of the other tables are set with cutlery.

You know it's a real BBQ place when there's a roll of paper towels on the table instead of napkins. There weren't any plastic bibs tho. I could've used one. I managed to get a grease stain on my shoulder and bbq sauce on my chest. That's ok because I wore a shirt with a chocolate milk stain near the hem. Yeah - I really "dressed up". LOL!

The food was awesome although, hubby wasn't impressed by the cornish game hen. The southern strawberry shortcake was neat. They used cornbread for the "cake" part. I didn't each much of it because I was really full and I'd already reached my cornbread quota of the evening by eating the piece that came with my salad (can you tell that I don't like cornbread?). Hubby likes their cornbread so he was quite happy to eat most of the dessert.

I definitely want to eat at Memphis Blues again but I don't know that I'd eat at that location. We probably had the worst table in the place - our view for most of the evening was the line of bums sitting on the stools by the eating bar. And I was cold because of the draft from the front door. They have 2 other locations that I think have a nicer setup because they have a larger space (large enough that they have live bands on the weekend).

And I can't post without a picture...

Ricky comes in just before we step into the shower and lies on the rug (cuz the tile floor is cold) by the floor register (that's blowing hot air). We call him "sauna boy". He's such a heat seeker.


PurlingPirate said...

I'm with Ricky. I'd be hard pressed not to curl up right next to him! (Except that I wouldn't fit on the rug and my butt would be on the cold floor!)

Anonymous said...

The North Van Memphis Blues is bigger and so quiet they have live music Sunday night. He's not bad.
Sandra (churchlady on Ravelry)

Jana said...

makes me so nostalgic. when we lived on Hemlock, we ate there probably 3x a month. i love their fries and their shrimp as well as the pork. the things you have to go throught to get good bbq eh?