Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Huge sock design contest

I can't believe none of the blogs I read have mentioned this yet today, so I'd better link to it: Knitters and a whole lot of sponsors are launching a huge socks contest. Rules and entry form here.

There are tons of prizes and categories. I'm just trying to decide if I'm feeling at all creative ... and of course, the Tofutsies yarn sale at Three Bags Full isn't helping at all! I was feeling iffy about my tofutsies socks all winter because they're so thin -- but the nice sunny weather last weekend made me remember how much I like them when it's warm outside.

(PS. Yes, I'm still alive. More project photos to come.)

1 comment:

Donna B said...

Well, you just won my contest, so maybe you can win this one too! lol. Please email me your address and color preferences (for your roving that comes with the spindle) and I will have Spindle and Wheel ship you your new spindle kit! AT gmail DOT com