Saturday, September 15, 2007

another drive by posting

I'm back from 3 days of sitting/driving in a van, waiting in parking lots or brake check pull-outs or rest stops for 3 guys (my hubby, co-blogger's hubby, and Graham) to ride their bikes 400km. All 3 made it to the Coquihalla toll booth and back.

There are more pictures (like 235) if you're interested.

I knit. Here is the finished Little Coriolis sock:

Again, there is no heel flap and no stitches to pick up. This sock is knit toe-up. I am still stunned.

I also knit on my not-a-cable cable scarf. It looks the same but much longer. I didn't knit anything else during the trip because I didn't really have the time.

There was a tiny bit of shopping. I bought a charm pack of monkey fabric from Quilt Essential. And I bought a knitting magazine and some old knitting patterns from a used bookstore in Hope. We found a yarn store but it was empty and when we asked, it turns out the owner retired and the store closed last month. Bummer!

Reader Question
In my Little Sky sock post, Jen (sorry, can't find an email for you) asked: Does the book have a toe-up version?
Answer: No. This sock is knit top-down. There probably is some way to knit it toe-up but you'd have to figure it out.

Off to unpack and load up the washing machine.

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