Sunday, September 30, 2007

casting on

It's been a few days since I've posted so sit back and relax with a cuppa something hot while I update you on the goings on.

Knit nite at Three Bags Full was packed! Poor Francesca gave up the cash register chair and there still wasn't enough seats. Elise had to perch on a wooden trunk. I think Francesca might be buying some folding chairs for next Wed.

I bought some yarn. They're for knitting Christmas gifts so I can't really show them to you. Maybe after Christmas...

I worked on Pauline's socks and they're almost finished.

I only have a few inches left to go but I'm not feeling the love so they're not getting much attention. And they match eventhough, I didn't bother trying.

On Thurs, I was handed the 3 (very late) signature quilt blocks. I was finally able to piece the back. The quilt gave me a slight heart attack. I had bought extra red fabric for the binding but it wasn't the same red as the fabric we'd originally purchased. Ack! I rushed over to my lqs and the red fabric on the bolt wasn't the same red as the one we'd originally purchased 2 weeks ago. It was the right colour number but a different dye lot! So we're going to use a black for the binding instead. I also found out that another lqs - Thread Bear in North Van. is closing next March. My closest lqs (where I work part-time and stitch'n bitch every Thurs) is closing in Nov. and Thread Bear would've been the next closest quilt store. Wah! Where am I going to buy fabric?

On Fri, I headed over to my parents' house - to take Mom out shopping, mooch a little supper, and use their floor to baste the signature quilt. Mom and I went out to Wineberry Fabrics so that I could pick up some YLI hand quilting thread but they don't carry it anymore so I had to buy something else. Mom bought some yarn. She's very intrigued with my not-a-cable cable scarf and I showed her how to knit it. So she's going to use the yarn to knit some scarves for the granddaughters for Christmas.

I hit the supper jackpot - Dad made wontons. These are really good wontons with really good soup. As we were sitting down to eat, Mom asked me what I wanted to drink. She started rummaging around to show me the options. Mom said I should drink the Red Bull since she wanted to get rid of it. What? My parents drink Red Bull? I had to ask where they got it because it's not something they'd ever buy. Dad goes for walks around the nearby golf course on a daily basis. There was some sort of corporate event and one of the golf course workers (Dad's friendly with all of them) gave him a 4 pack of Red Bull to take home. My Mother was trying to get rid of the Red Bull because she'd drunk one the other day (obviously, without reading the label) and couldn't get to sleep! Doh! My Mom constantly worries about what I eat and drink and here she is slinging back a Red Bull without knowing/understanding what it is. Sigh... I didn't drink the Red Bull because I have a mild caffeine allergy.

Yesterday was errand day. I went over to Burnaby Knitworks for a little shopping after I found out that they'd increased the discounts on their closing out sale. I didn't buy anything. There aren't many yarns in sweater amounts left. I found 2 bags of Debbie Bliss Silk Road for 50% off but the colour was black. There was one bag in purple but I didn't think there was enough yardage for anything more than a tank top. It was probably just as well since I bought a lot of yarn in the evening.

Gladys (my alleged co-blogger; hint hint) called in the afternoon and invited us over to their place for supper. After supper, we might have done a little online buying. Yarn By The Bag is having a buck a ball sale. They're a Canadian site so we like buying from there - plus they have some really great deals. Some Idena Cotton Sport flew into our shopping cart... Gladys bought an assortment of blues and I purchased some of the deep burgundy.

This morning, I cast on my Mom's cardigan. I'm using the Cropped Raglan Sweater pattern and making it long sleeved and less cropped.

Mom's sensitive to animal fibre so I'm using Bernat's Denimstyle which is a soft acrylic/cotton blend. I cast on the medium size and knit about 12 rows before I realized my gauge was off so I frogged it and cast on the smaller size. I've knit this before so I should have it finished in no time.

I haven't made any progress on Anna's mumble mumble mumble. I am meeting with her tomorrow to get the ok on the yarn choice & colour. Plus I'm waiting for some Addi's. I bought 3 circs from a Ravelry user who is destashing. Hopefully, one of them will give me the right gauge.

And keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's blog entry. I will be announcing the winner in my first Sockiversary contest. If you haven't entered yet, it's not too late. You have until midnight (PDT) tonite. Go to this post to enter. Good luck to everyone!


PurlingPirate said...

You have been busy!!! My brother drinks those "energy" drinks. I can't even stand the smell of them! My LQS closed too this summer. I was sad until I realized a new one opened in the same spot this month! It doesn't carry nearly as much fabric but I'm still happy to have something close by.

SooZ said...

Cool, you have taken courses at Three Bags Full. I took a course with Sivia last winter and enjoyed it so much that I am inquiring about the Sunday Lace Knitalong that is being offered now.

It appears you and I live in the same area (I'm by Sungod.)

I have done quilting too, and have blankets around me to show for it.

I enjoyed reading your blog. =) I'm Suzie by the way.