Sunday, September 9, 2007

is it cold yet?

Knitting mittens and a scarf makes me feel like it should be cold enough to wear them. But it's sunny and about 23C. Summer's back!

I finished hubby's first mitten. It's a big one.

I have big hands but not as big as hubby's. The mitten measures 13" overall. I think the thumb is a bit snug and kinda pointy at the tip but hubby says it's ok so I'm not frogging.

I made very good progress on my faux cable scarf.

It goes very quickly once you've got the pattern memorized.

And Ricky is recovering nicely from his boo boo. He was a bad boy again. Ricky got into Phoebe's food this morning and about 30 seconds later, he puked on the carpet. This afternoon, I saw him sleeping like this:

He does a pretty good imitation of a ~.


ikisti said...

the bad kitties are always more fun. Or is it that the bad ones seem to have more fun? I love the color you used for the scarf.

knitseashore said...

I hope Ricky is OK!! First his eye and now this. Good thing he is resting!!

bobbi said...

It'd 60 degrees here in beautiful chicago
nice gloves, i'm sure hubby will love them.

PurlingPirate said...

My gosh!!! How tall is your husband?!?! How big are his feet?? It would take me forever to knit for him!!!