Sunday, September 2, 2007

why I love sock knitting

Wow! Thanks for all your nice comments. I'm greatly enjoying them all!

You probably wonder why I love knitting socks. I've got a coupla reasons...
- I can (in any yarn store, anywhere in the world) buy the right amount of sock yarn to knit a pair of socks. This does not hold true when I am shopping for sweater amounts where I've left the pattern at home or I'm making a drastic yarn substitution.
- I can wear socks in any colour. I can't do that with the rest of my wardrobe (seriously, orange or green makes me look horrible).
- I love stripes but due to my body type, I don't look good in them. My feet don't look "fat" in stripes so it's the perfect place to wear 'em.
- I have wide feet, narrow-ish heels, avg ankles with short legs and large calves. I just love how easy it is to customize socks so that they don't fall down and bag'n sag at the heel.
- We have cold floors - either directly in contact with concrete or hardwood with an unheated crawl space underneath. This leads to "popsicle" feet - something that hubby would rather avoid at bedtime.

And of course, I love the portability, almost instant gratification, the abundance of hand dyed sock yarn, and the variety of great patterns. I just love socks!


PurlingPirate said...

All wonderful reasons to love socks!

bobbi said...

and I bet you'll come up with more good reasons to knit socks.

Debra said...

Yes- specifically the yarn requirements for the project lends itself to yarn purchases while on vacation.

"Oh, I stopped at this great store while we were away-- and didn't have a pattern that I wanted to knit, so I picked up some great sock yarn. You always have enough for a pair!"