Monday, November 19, 2007


I am much calmer today about the laptop. I was able to pull off most of the files that I needed. But I'm still unhappy that the hard drive died. We have 3 options - buy a new HD and re-install everything (least expensive solution but time consuming with a certain amount of uncertainty), buy a new laptop (pricier option but comes loaded with pretty much everything), or buy a new desktop (possibly the better long term solution). After some discussion, it's been decided that we'll share the desktop computer for now (I do have my own bootable drive) and we'll decide what to do after Christmas when we'll have more time to mess around.

I finished the great Coriolis experiment.

Following the instructions/charts to the letter, I have a sock that is too big around and too long. Additionally, changing the round toe to a flat toe screwed up the location of the band at the heel and so the band stitches got eaten up by the heel flap. I was hoping for a spiraling Coriolis but it turns out that I just have a simple Coriolis sock. When I start the next sock, I will go down 2 or 3 sizes. And when I start knitting the band, I'll try starting it on the sole stitches to see if that changes the location wrt the heel.

And I've resumed Christmas knitting (no - I still haven't woven the ends on Mom's cardi).

Just a sneak peek to prove that I am working on it.

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Put a Sock in it said...

Glad you didn't lose all the important stuff on your 'puter. That would have been awful.

Your Coriolis is looking good! That's a lovely yarn you're using.

I haven't knit the Coriolis yet, but the two pairs of socks I've made using the masters from the book turned out great. Hubby and I both hate loose socks, so I recalculated the number of stitches to include negative ease, and then followed the directions for the new numbers.