Thursday, November 8, 2007

things that annoy me

(This is a whine-y knitting post. I can't help it - I'm in that kind of a mood this morning.)

So here are the things that are annoying me today:
1. A knitting book that won't stay open. I am thisclose to scanning in the whole dumb book, printing it out on paper, and putting it all in a binder. Seriously, I do not have time to fiddle with a book that keeps slamming shut while I try to read and execute some complicated knitting maneuver. I have 2 words for printers - spiral binding!

2. A pattern that requires you to look in 6 different places in the book for instructions (pattern starts on page 59, pattern jumps to pg 57 and then back to 59, toe instructions on pg 126, heel instructions on pg 120 and pgs 14 & 15, and cuff instructions on page 130). And did I mention it's a pain in the ass to keep the book open on these pages?

3. And when you think you're cruising...

The sock's too big. Can you see that the sock blocker is kinda swimming around in the foot? I double checked my measurements, I consulted the charts, and after a day of knitting - it's going in the frog pond. I'll never wear anything this loose. So a warning for you knitters looking at making the Coriolis sock - take half an inch (or more) off your mid-foot measurement before looking in the chart.

So what am I going to do? I am going to find some scrap/leftover sock yarn and I am going to knit one single sock - following the instructions to the letter. I will put the sock on, I will note all areas of dislike, and I will modify the pattern and knit the socks with the good yarn. It seems like a lot of work but if I don't understand this pattern, I'll never be able to make socks that fit myself and other people. And since I don't have a brilliant mind like Cat Bordhi, I won't be able to figure this out until I knit the whole thing.

This sock hasn't been a total failure. I have discovered that if you are using hand painted sock yarn and you think it's going to pool, it won't once you start the arch. You can see that after I finished the short row toe, there is a blue stripe spiraling around the foot. But it stops when I start knitting the Coriolis band. Cool.


PurlingPirate said...

Do you have Kinko's in Canada? You can take your book to them and they will spiral bound it for cheap!
I've added that sock book to my Christmas list!

knitseashore said...

Knots in the middle of a skein are a personal pet peeve! Hope your sock experience gets better soon.