Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday miscellany

Yesterday was hand knit sock laundry day. Out of the 13 pairs of hand knit socks in our household, 12 pairs got washed. I really need to find more vinyl placemats to make myself extra sock blockers. The bathroom smelled very sheepy all day long.

I also went out for lunch with a friend of mine. Tricia is the host of the Great Canadian Shop Hop show that is broadcast on QNN. We went to the Thread Bear tea room (due to close just before Christmas; the quilt shop will be closing in March) for one last lunch and tea. I stocked up on Belgian Chocolate Rooibos tea leaves and I bought myself a tea leaf strainer to use with my teapot. After lunch, we walked upstairs to the quilt shop and I bought some great pasta fabric.

In the evening, I did some Christmas knitting. This time, I made some ornaments.

Two down and 2 more to go. I just can't decide what yarn to use for the other 2. I have so many sock yarn scraps! And yes, the "knitting needles" are toothpicks with seed beeds glued to the ends!


knitseashore said...

What cute ornaments!!

PurlingPirate said...

Oh my. Such a lovely picture!! All those fabulous socks!!! We finally got cold here the couple of days and I've been wearing mine. Gosh, you've had some tough closings happening! Hopefully some new things will open that will be just as fabulous.
Love the pasta fabric, so fun!
Those ornaments are adorable! Could you knit tiny socks for them? They wouldn't have to be round, they could be flat since they won't be for wearing.

CraftyCanadian said...

Those ornaments are the CUTEST!

Jen C said...

Those ornaments are great!

alltangledup said...

i love those ornaments .. if only I could fins some clear baubles!