Sunday, January 27, 2008

definitely a snow day

The weather folks have been predicting snow for this weekend but not a lot of snow. When we got up this morning, there was just a light dusting on the ground so we headed out to do our regular food shopping. Imagine our surprise when we got home - 2-3" of snow had fallen in the hour we were gone.

Don't my beauty berries look cold? I called my sister to whine about the snow and she just laughed at me. Apparently, they're getting a severe cold front. Lows will hover around -27C/-17F (-41C/-42F with windchill; cold enough for frostbite) tonite. She told me that their new car doesn't have a block heater so they have to park it in the garage to prevent it from freezing solid. And their low tonite is their high for tomorrow so it's only going to get worse. I don't know how she can stand living there. Since she's stuck indoors, she is consoling herself by shopping for jewellry on eBay. At last count, she bought 2 rings and spent $400.

My fabric shopping trip was semi-successful - I did buy fabric but the construction took a bit more thought that I had anticipated. I found a quilt panel that I liked but it was a little too narrow so I bought some co-ordinating stripes for a border. I chose a backing fabric but there wasn't enough on the bolt for the panel plus borders (there was enough for just the panel). I bought it anyways. I'm good at fudging improvising. When I got it all home, I chopped off the top of the panel to make it a little shorter so that the overall dimensions would fit the size of the backing fabric. I machine quilted it and I just have to sew the opening shut and do a little hand quilting and it'll be ready for the baby. My friend is in labour and we're predicting that she'll deliver today. All of us are joking that since their first child was born during one of the worst snow storms in Boston, their second child will be born during today's snowstorm.

And as Turtle mentioned in yesterday's comments, fabric has a tendency to jump into your shopping cart. A little of this came home with me. I bought it cuz it's pretty (and purple).

Speaking of babies... A fellow knitter is pregnant and we're knitting a baby blanket for her. On Wed, I was given some yellowy yarn and some instructions. I rummaged around Ravelry and found a duckie dishcloth pattern and adapted it for the baby blanket. I whipped this up while watching some ST Enterprise yesterday night.

Too cute! I might make a few of these for wash cloths and give them to the nieces.

And what do you do when it's cold and snowy outside? You make some yummy congee (Chinese version of chicken soup) for lunch.

I cheated a little (don't tell Mom that I used store-bought stock) but I don't care. If you're wondering - the stuff on top of the soup is a combo of seasoned dried pork fluff, sesame seeds, and seaweed. Yum!

Looks like the snow has stopped. Guess I should help hubby shovel.

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Anonymous said...

yum...congee, something I haven't had in a long time....