Friday, January 18, 2008

random Friday

I have a bunch of little bits that I'm just going to dump into this post.

Since I can't enter my own contest, I thought I'd list the stoles that I think Gladys should make.
1. Print O' the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang - I've got a cone of cobweb wool/silk from Scotland for this project
2. Juno Regina by Miriam Felton - currently, otn so it's easy for me to recommend it
3. Hanami by Melanie Gibbons - I've got some creamy shetland lace from a small farm in Saskatchewan that would be perfect for this stole.

I've had a look at your suggestions and they are all amazing. I can see my Ravelry queue growing...

At this time of year, the malls have their big post-Christmas sales. I'm lucky that I live fairly close to 3 large ones so I've been shopping this week (walking is good for my back) and I've picked up some great bargains.

I'm allergic to all costume jewellry. I can only wear gold, titanium, and usually silver so I don't have a lot of fun jewellry to wear - just serious stuff. Imagine my surprise when I saw a silver ring sale - 6 for $3. How could I resist?

And I've been buying lots of sale books. I even got a knitting one - Luxury Knits by Amanda Griffiths. I think a more accurate title would be "Knits using Luxury Yarns". Would you buy 15 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (or 3435 yds of a similar yarn) to knit a stockinette cardigan? Yep, definitely luxurious. There are some very nice patterns in it. Here are some of my favourites:

We watched the Transformers movie yesterday night and it was hilarious. There was a lot of action, too but some great one-liners as well. Just too funny. I'm going to watch the movie again tonite.

Thanks for the get well wishes. I got the house moderately clean without making my back feel worse. Between the Advil and my heating pad, I think I'm definitely feeling better today. We'll see how it goes after I tackle the mountain of laundry (the next house I buy will have the washer/dryer upstairs).

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PurlingPirate said...

I loved the Transformers movie!! I actually saw it in the theatre and it was cool seeing it on that big screen!

Glad you're better, maybe you should do some more shopping?