Friday, January 4, 2008

my first 2008 FO

I have my first FO for 2008. I picked up a free leaflet yesterday and I had some Bernat Bamboo in the stash so I whipped this up yesterday night.

Pattern: One Skein Scarf by Denise Cozzitorto from Stitch'n Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker
Yarn: Bernat Bamboo; 3 skeins in colour rosehip
Hook: 6.5mm (K)
Notes: The yarn is ok. I think it's going to fuzz up quite a bit. But it's very soft, glossy, and drapey.

Take a deep breath before you look at the next picture:

Compare it to my WIP picture from this post. I'm obviously getting worse. Eleven of the projects in that post are still WIPs. Yikes! The Bonita shirt doesn't count cuz I did finish it and it turned out too big so I had to frog it.

So here's my list of WIPs and my plans for them:

1. Trekking socks - Finish
2. Louet Gems socks - Finish
3. socks for Pauline (commission) - must Finish
4. Wyvern sock - Finish
5. hubby's CTH socks - not so much a Finish but more of an alteration
6. spiral tube socks - worsted weight socks with no heel?!?!?! What was I thinking? Frog!
7. Canal du Midi socks - Finish
8. Juno Regina - Finish
9. not-a-cable cable scarf - Finish
10. Irish Hiking scarf - not my colour; not needed as a gift; Frog
11. Birch-like shawl of my own design - would like to Frog but it's an ugly mohair blend yarn; Finish since I'm so close to the end
12. Feather and fan shawl - only a few inches knitted; Frog
13. Icarus shawl - ya can't frog mohair so it's a Finish
14. novelty yarn scarf - Frog
15. Lacy Entrelacs scarf - Finish
16. Odessa hat - Frog
17. Endpaper mittens - Finish
18. Brea bag - Finish
19. Bonita shirt - was finished, then frogged because it was too big; Finish
20. Arwen cardigan - Finish
21. Silk Lace Nightie - Finish
22. Afghan - too hard to frog (it's a fuzzy yarn) so maybe Finish? Maybe get my Mom to finish it? She's between projects, right?

So that's 5 frog's, 15 to finish, one alteration, and maybe pass the afghan to my Mom. That's a lot of projects to finish - wish me luck.


PurlingPirate said...

You can do it! Heck, you've already started and finished a project this year! Woo-hoo!!

Jana said...

i have made a few of those scarves in different yarn and i still prefer the patons classic merino. i agree on the bamboo, i made a baby blanket and while its lovely i know its going to pill like mad! too bad as its so soft.