Tuesday, January 15, 2008

felting flop

Look - I'm blogging from the laptop!

Yesterday's software installation was mostly painless. I spent an hour figuring out why the laptop wouldn't go into hibernate mode when you closed the lid. It turns out that Windows Installer (needed to install Windows updates) prevents the laptop from snoozing. I still need to install the 3000 fonts that I got for Christmas. And there's one more problem that I need to look into - IE crashes when I try to view a blog that has a poll. Hmph. On the upside, I have iTunes back so I can listen to the 900+ songs in our library.

Remember that I was going to use the leftover yarn from the tea cozy to make a matching potholder? Well, I did and I felted it.

Interesting looking shape, eh? It was originally 12" x 13.5". It now measures 11.5" at the ends and 9" in the middle. The length varies depending on which part of the wavy bit you push down. Yes, it does not lie flat despite my efforts to pull it into shape before drying. It's the yarn's fault. I was running out of the multicoloured so I added in a few stripes of solid green. Of course, the two yarns (from the same manufacturer) decided to felt differently. Any suggestions for salvaging it?

It's our first bloggiversary on the 17th and we'll be holding a contest. I don't have all the details yet so you'll have to come back on Thurs to check it out.

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PurlingPirate said...

I love my iTunes! Glad your laptop is getting off the ground (so to speak)!