Saturday, January 26, 2008

speed quilting

I haven't knitted a single stitch in almost 48 hours. Last time you heard from me, I needed to make something for an imminent birth. Well, that plan got sidetracked on Thurs. Some signature quilts that we'd been working on were due Friday night and as of Thurs morning, one quilt still needed a bit of work. Yikes! So I spent Thurs afternoon/evening and Friday morning hand quilting the remaining 11 ft. It doesn't sound like much but the quilting design had loops and stars in it. I finally got it done around 1pm, sewed the label to the back, and spritzed the blue pen marks with water to make them disappear. Then I laid the quilt on the bed so that it could dry. All 3 were finally finished - phew!

The party was a blast. The ladies were quite happy to finally have their quilts. All of us ate way too much food. One of the highlights of the evening was our host's dog, Tucker. Pauline was petting him and every time she stopped, he would kinda growl at her and she would start petting him again. He was really enjoying the attention, see:

And still no knitting for me today. I rummaged around in my fabric stash and I don't have any boy-themed fabric. I found a few baby bits but I think they're too girly. So I'm off to the fabric store to find something appropriate.


PurlingPirate said...

Darn, I hate it that you have to go to the fabric store! Ha! I hope you find something fun!

Turtle said...

Lol, yeah that happened the other day. Fabric store knowing just what you need and Bam! These extra selections jump in your basket! Have fun!