Thursday, April 17, 2008

adding to my collection

Yep, I'm still here. I have no new knitting to show you (well, that's not true but you probably don't want to see my 11 homework swatches for my knitting class). Yep, my nieces have worn me out (again). My sister has dragged me retail therapy shopping umpteen times to take advantage of the free babysitting. I need better shoes to keep up with her.

My sister dearly misses her Sears Outlet (it closed in March) so she had to visit the one that's near me (and the last one in Western Canada). And then the girls got hungry and wanted burgers for lunch. I took them to Dairy Queen (I wanted ice cream for dessert) but the one I picked only served dessert and didn't have hot food - DOH! I've been there a jillions times for dessert and never noticed that they didn't serve burgers. So we went somewhere else to eat and on the way home, my sister spotted a Value Village so we stopped in there. She likes to buy used books for the girls to read. I like to shop for vintage linens to add to my collection and I got some good ones today (click for a bigger picture).

I bought 2 linen tea towels and a linen tablecloth. Most of the tea towels that I have are souveniers from Australia, England, Ireland, etc. so I was quite surprised to find one featuring Canada. That's going to be my new favourite tea towel. The tablecloth is huge and it's perfect for my new dining table (seats 10!!!). The table isn't here yet - we still have to go pick it up (full story when it arrives).

So I'm home now. They were supposed to stay for supper but hubby has a cold and my sister didn't want to catch it so they're back at my parents'. Yes, hubby's sick so that means he probably won't participate in the 200km ride this Sat. Too bad because it would've been good practice for the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride in July. Even without his cold, he had decided to stay home because the weather experts predict snow for Sat. Ten hours is a long time to spend on his bike when it's cold and wet even if he's got all the gear to keep him warm and dry.


allergicmom said...

If your sister's still here on Sunday, the best kids swap of the year is in PoCo! (Though you might not want to offer her that much incentive to stay in town, given the things she's put you through!)

PurlingPirate said...

Nice score on the linens!

Sorry your husband is sick, hope he is feeling better soon!