Sunday, April 27, 2008


Egads! My whole body hurts. I was out in the garden yesterday pruning 3.5 shrubs (I couldn't reach the other half) and aerating the lawn. What a lot of work! I think I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow. Hubby was just as worn out as I was. He got up early for a 100km bike ride and then he cut the lawn, weeded some cracks, and limed the part that I didn't do last week. He also pruned the other half of the shrub that I couldn't reach.

I was surfing Ravelry the other day and I did a People search for the name "dotty". I eventually made it to this blog. She calls herself a "knilter" - a knitter who quilts. So if I'm a quilter who knits, does that make me a "quitter"?

Today is a bonus FO day. I've got 2 to show you.

Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock; col 188
Pattern: generic top-down; used the heel from Monkey sock pattern; no cuff (just letting it roll)
Needles: 2mm Susan Bates Silvalume aluminum dpns (was brand new and now are bent because I was holding them too tightly)
Notes: Must buy steel dpns for hubby's Noro socks. I knit the first sock from the outside of the skein and I knit the second sock from the inside of the skein. But both socks turned out almost the same. The second sock has a lot more of the dark olive/army green colour in it. I found 2 knots - one in the first sock (didn't interrupt the colour progression) and there's one knot in the leftover yarn (one end is black, the other end is plum so it skips 2 colours). Leftover yarn weighs 32g so I have enough to knit a 3rd sock. Yarn is as everyone describes - single ply, very twisty, tangles easily, some vm, very scratchy, very thick and very thin in places.

At Christmas, my nieces were completely in love with anything Disney Princess. But in the last 4 months, they've switched to Pooh. So when I found out, I offered to knit some Pooh washcloths for them. I've finished one.

Pattern: Happy Hunny Bear by Frogiez Place
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Rose Pink
Needles: 4.5mm straights

We were watching Crank yesterday night. Rather, hubby was watching it and I was listening. I'm glad I wasn't looking (thank goodness I was knitting the Juno Regina stole) because that movie was pretty gory. There were several flashes of Jason Statham's sexy naked butt that I managed to see when I did watch. In general, the movie was pretty bad and I can't believe they're making a second one. We were only watching this movie because Jason Statham stars in the Transporter movies that we really like. Rent them if you're looking for no plot with lots of action.


Bea said...

Love the socks!

PurlingPirate said...

Must knit those socks!!!!