Thursday, April 24, 2008

funny, cool, expensive


I woke up yesterday morning with the vague feeling that I'd been hit in the face during the night. I wasn't sure if I'd dreamed it or if it actually happened. When hubby got home from work, I asked him if he'd hit me. Looking guilty, he replied yes. Apparently, Phoebe was lying on my pillow and purring like a freight train. I slept through it but her purring woke hubby. He reached over to shoo her off my pillow and managed to whack me in the face. Hubby said I woke up, said some words, rubbed my face, and rolled over. He didn't think I'd remember. Ha! I told him that next time, he has to suck it up and leave me and my "pillow cat" alone.


I was putting away my swatches from the Jean Wong finished class and I had to stop and admire my handiwork. On the left is the front of the short row (no wraps!) shoulder shaping swatch and on the right is the back view where we joined the 2 pieces together. Click images for a larger view.

Pretty cool, eh?


Hubby likes my Noro Kureyon socks and asked me to knit him a pair. I pointed him at the Noro colours and he chose col 180. I picked up 2 skeins at knit nite:

Um yeah - a leeeetle bright. I brought them home thinking that I'm going to turn right around and return/exchange them next week after he sees the yarn. **gasp** He's ok with the colour and he still wants me to knit them. These will be $40 socks and he'd better wear them when I'm done.

Also expensive is our new washing machine... Last month, I mentioned that the washer was sounding noisier. Well.... it's leaking. Our model is one of the poorly designed ones (we didn't know that when we bought it) and that within 5-7 years, we would need to repair/replace it. It's almost exactly 7 years old so at least we've reached the top end of its life span. My plan was to go washer shopping and if I couldn't find anything decent, we'd get it repaired. I got lucky and bought a discontinued display model Bosch Nexxt 100 at my local Sears for less than $600 (US MSRP is close to $800). It's not one of the top models wrt to features but I don't care. It washes clothes and it's not a Kenmore/Frigidaire/Whirlpool/GE. It should be here on Monday.

There was a slight hiccup. I got a phone call the day after I bought it. The Sears rep said that they had to cancel my order because they'd decided that there was something wrong with the door and it wouldn't latch shut (I had noticed that the door needed a good push to close but I didn't think anything was wrong with it). I told them that I still wanted the washer and could they repair it (under warranty) before delivering it. I got a phone call later in the day and no, Sears couldn't repair it because of a labour dispute but they would pay for repairs by an independant repair person. So, I have a Bosch repairman coming on Tues to look at the door. I should be able to wash 10 days worth of hubby's stinky cycling clothes (not to mention all the other laundry piling up) by Tues evening. Wish me luck.


Bea said...

Good luck with the washing. THose socks are going to be very bright. Can't wait to see :)

PurlingPirate said...

Good Luck!!! It always seems no matter how often I do the laundry, we always have more to do. Sigh.

Can't wait to see that Noro knit up!

Anonymous said...

I wish my washer would learn how to fold and iron. Then I'd be happy.

The socks are going to be totally cool!!

The hubby and cat story made me smile :)