Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm hot*

Literally... Twelve pounds of a med/long haired Phoebe has been parked in my lap for about an hour and the top of my thighs feel burnt. I'm not joking. She's a very warm kitty. I couldn't bring myself to throw her off because she doesn't lie on my lap that often. The things I put up with to get a little cat love.

In the mail today... My Wee Tiny Sock from Katy arrived.

wee tiny sock received

Isn't it cute? I've put it on my sock blocker keychain and it's already hanging with my keys.

And there's been a little stash enhancement - STR Pink Granite.

STR med pink granite

I finished the Noro sock that I started Wed night.

Finished first Noro Sock (col 188)

I came across one knot but it didn't change colour at the knot. There was very little vm. The sock is very stiff and scratchy. It's taking a Eucalan bath right now because I can't wait for the second sock to be knit.

I also finished the first Monkey sock for my pal.

Finished Monkey Sock

I must get started on the second sock right away. Some swappers have already finished knitting. The other urgent knit on my list is my homework for my Jean Wong finishing class on the 19th. I finally bought the dpns that I needed to make the other half of my swatches.

I hit a mental roadblock on my super secret project. I got some help yesterday night so I hope to make more progress today. Wish me luck.

* a la Paris Hilton

ETA: Holy cow! MagKnits is gone! But I haven't knit Jaywalkers yet!!!!!!


PurlingPirate said...

You are hot! Such great looking socks! Sad about Magknits. I started jaywalkers several times but never finished a pair.

Nikki said...

great socks!! I got my wee tiny sock today! I loved this swap...

sad about Magknits...

allergicmom said...

I liked knitting my Jaywalkers but getting them on is rather difficult. The pattern is still in the google cache if you want to save it for future reference.

Also, have you seen the Ravelry discussions around Magknits and the rest of the owner's businesses?

Anonymous said...

Cool feets! Warm feets! I think you have started something for we who have rampant second sock syndrome. I have no trouble knitting a sock. But that second one? ARghhhhh. Maybe I'll just do as you are doing and wear all those first socks, mix and match! L0L My Wee Tiny sock arrived too. So sweet! samm