Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ravelry to the rescue!

I've been working on a secret knitting project. It's not big - only uses 2 skeins of Cascade Fixation (one for part A and one for part B). So I ran into a slight problem on Monday night. I finished knitting the front piece for B and the remainder of the remaining ball looked a bit on the skimpy side. I weighed it on my scale - 22g. I've already used 28g of yarn. Hmmm... I measured B thinking my gauge was off but it was the right size. The back piece is bigger than the front piece but I have less than half a skein left?!?!?!? Noooooooooooooo!

I did a quick check on Ravelry. Yep, most people needed more yarn. Eeep! I emailed my lys but I didn't get a response yesterday so I called them this morning. Nope, they don't have any of the same dye lot left and neither does their other store but would I be interested in different dye lot? Uh - no, because I'd have to chuck what I've done and redo it. I don't really like knitting with Fixation so that was not an option.

I go back to Ravelry. There must be someone out there with the same dye lot who can spare a skein for this project. I found 5 different Ravelry users with a total of 12 skeins between them! Happy happy joy joy! I sent a PM to the nearest person with a single skein asking begging her to sell it to me. She said yes! I'm going to wait until it arrives before I start knitting the back piece. I don't want a join in the middle and there's no seams so it's best to start from a fresh skein.

So has Ravelry ever rescued you from a knitting disaster? Do tell!


CraftyCanadian said...

I had a "Ravelry saved my life" moment very recently. OK maybe not my LIFE - my sanity and my project :) I had a ball and a half of Zitron Loft which ordinarily would be enough for a hat... I was knitting up a second "Twister" hat which I test knit for a friend (it's now for sale on Ravelry) and it was becoming clear I wasn't going to have enough yarn. Guess what - I think the colour (and maybe the yarn altogether) was discontinued, couldn't find it ANYWHERE! I did manage to locate someone with 2 balls and offered to buy them both (so that she wasn't left with a single) and she said yes. Gotta love Ravelry! P.S. the hat is here"

CraftyCanadian said...

Oops Dotty pointed out that I wasn't clear about the yarn... it's the colorway that is discontinued. Loft still seems to be available :) It's a great yarn, highly recommended.