Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my new toy

My new washing machine arrived. And I am enjoying it.

Oh wait - that gives you the wrong idea.

Here is my new toy:

And one of the best features - the door opens all the way.

Makes it sooo much easier to put in/pull out large quilts.

So the repair guy came and made a few adjustments to the door. He thinks it's the thicker seal that's causing the door to close stiffly. I just have to lean on it so that it clicks shut. He gave me a few tips - stick to warm/hot washes as the cold water can cause the seal to shrink, and it was a good idea that I didn't buy a higher end Bosch because the water heater tends to leak. He also mentioned that my Bosch should last about 10 years.

I've already washed my first load of laundry and I couldn't be happier to have clean clothes. It took 65 mins to wash a pretty large batch of clothes (so large that I had to split it into two dryer loads) so that's not too bad.

Penny, my Monkey swap pal got her package yesterday. Go take a look at the video of her cat, Solara playing with the catnip toy that I made.

You're probably wondering where I got the "washing machine babe" image from - my new ironing board cover. It pictures two other highly unlikely laundry scenarios:

I bet a guy drew these pictures.


Phyl said...

I was LMAO when I looked at Penny's blog. Her cat, obviously, is in L O V E with that catnip toy!

Beautiful socks, BTW.

knitseashore said...

Congratulations on your new toy! A necessary evil, but a nice one too.

LOL at your comment about a man drawing those pictures!!