Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's just pouring outside!!! Perfect weather for me today. I spread 150 million nematodes on the lawn this morning (organic control for the European chafer beetle/grub). The rain saves me from having to hand water the lawn after application.

I finished the 15th and last washcloth yesterday night. I wove in all the ends and gave them a shot of steam so that they'll lie flat.

It feels good to finish all my boutique items. I just have to wait until Sat to see how well they sell. The weather forecast looks promising so I don't think we'll have to cancel the quilt show.

I can't quite decide what to work on next. In terms of priority, I really need to finish the shrug that I want to wear to the wedding. One sleeve is done and the other is about half way there. And then there's the wedding present which has kinda stalled.

The kitties are back home and they're still adjusting. Ricky is completely underfoot. He's following me around everywhere and I've stepped on him twice. He is not a lap cat but this is where he was yesterday night:

Phoebe is completely ignoring us. She wandered out of the cat carrier and either slept on the chair in the corner or under the bed. She's giving us the furry cold shoulder. I hope she forgives us soon!

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