Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vacation yarn doesn't count as stash (right?)

I'm back!

We took this week off as a vacation week, and went up to Chilliwack for the last few days.

The boys say "hi!" from the golf course.

Aunt Debbie's Knit & Stitch, in Chilliwack, was having a 40%-off-everything sale. I was really good and almost didn't buy anything. And then as the store employee was talking, she pointed out this really neat jacquard-dyed yarn called knit-col. It's a DK weight, so should knit up super-fast into a pair of socks for me. I couldn't decide, so I bought two different colours (on the left).

The two balls on the right are a colour-changing mohair blend that didn't feel scratchy against my neck, so I bought it to try it out. I'm thinking it will be an ice queen or some other cowl.

And then this skein of Schaefer Susan (in the middle) fell onto the counter when I went to check out. It was purple. And blue. And at 40% off, it had my name all over it.

There are two more yarn sales coming up this weekend. We're in Langley tomorrow, and Knitopia's having an anniversary sale. And then on Sunday, I'm meeting Dotty in Steveston for a little kite flying, a trip to the farmer's market, and then to Pajo's for fish and chips, and then of course, to Wool and Wicker for their sale.

I'm still on vacation until Tuesday -- I figure this is all vacation yarn, so shouldn't count as stash, right?


Dotty said...

Yep, vacation yarn doesn't count as stash!

You got some great great yarn! You're going to love the Knit-Col. A friend is knitting with it and her socks look great.

kasiaiscarly said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest (hope you get this comment, it was the first I saw from you!) I'm going to go check out your shawl on Rav!