Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hubbies bought us yarn

Our hubbies just finished the Seattle to Portland (aka STP) ride this weekend. That's 202 miles over 2 days. Yay!!! We're so proud of them. A friend, Graham also participated in the ride. Here are pictures of my hubby and Gladys' hubby.

All 3 of them survived and they're in pretty good shape aside from some hot spots on their tushies. Hubby has a sunburn on his wrist where the sun got through the holes in his watch band. He also has some red spots on his forehead just below the hairline. Again, the sun made it through the holes in his helmet. Gladys' husband has some bruising and road rash from a minor crash. On the morning of day 1, they had to bike from their hotel to the start line with their luggage (STP hauls their stuff to Centralia). He was dragging his rolling suitcase beside him. Apparently, the suitcase attacked his bike and over he went. Ouch! Can you imagine showing up at the start line bleeding and needing first aid? A tad embarrassing...

In Seattle, they were close enough to Tricoter that we ordered asked begged them to stop in and buy us some STR. Can you imagine what the clerk thought when 3 tall men walked into the shop? I gave hubby a list - what I wanted and what I already had. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything on my wish list so hubby had to improvise.

Left to right: Carbon, Cougar, and Cockamamie all in STR lightweight
Gladys' hubby bought her Cougar and Husky. She's going to make her hubby socks using the Husky. I was curious about the Cougar and Husky colours because they're not on Blue Moon's website. Turns out Cougar refers to WSU's football team and Husky refers to the Washington Huskies. But if I compare the team colours with my skein of Cougar, it really should be labelled Husky. Cougar team colours are red/grey which are the colours of Gladys' Husky skein.

Aaaaand, here's another dishcloth. Are you bored of looking at these? I'm getting bored of knitting them.

Pattern: my own
Needle & Yarn: same as always
Notes: boooooooring


PurlingPirate said...

I'm jealous!!! You have STR I don't have!!! I love Cougar!!!

Bea said...

Love the new yarn. Carbon is very pretty!

gayle said...

I'm jealous, too. I have never put my hubbie to the test...you know, stop at the yarn shop for me. However, my son stopped at a quilting shop in the Maritimes and asked for a fat quarter so maybe there's hope that it's in the genes.