Thursday, July 31, 2008

knitting gods - 1; Dotty - 0

Well, the hemp shrug has temporarily stalled.

The top one is the first sleeve that I knit. The bottom is the one that I just stopped knitting. See how much yarn is left? There isn't enough to knit the last #%^@* row. Ugh! Why me? There's tons of yarn leftover from the first sleeve! The pattern says to bind off and seam the two pieces together. But I don't have enough to bind off. I'd have to rip back a whole repeat which would probably make the shrug too narrow across the back. So my plan is to knit an extra row on the other sleeve and then graft the two together and hope no one knows that the graft is one row off. That better work or I'm wearing something else to the wedding!

I'm going to make jam! For the very first time. I went to the store and bought stuff (jars and pectin packets) to make freezer jam. On our way home last week, we drove through the Okanagan which is fruit country. So we stopped at a fruit stand and went a little overboard buying local peaches, apricots, and cherries - 40lbs in total. We've given a bunch away but we can't possibly eat the rest before it goes bad so I'm going to make a batch of peach jam and a batch of apricot jam. I'm so excited!


Miss 376 said...

The jam sounds lovely, have fun making it. Hope you find a way round finishing your shrug, it's such a beautiful colour and pattern

Bea said...

Jam is yummy. I love apricots.

I think your plan for the shrug sounds great. I can't see why it shouldn't work. Plus a graft wouldn't be noticeable at all if you block it right?