Friday, October 5, 2007

be still my heart

Nothing, and I mean nothing puts a smile on my face like a new pair of boots. I would like to welcome this pair of Italian beauties into my home:

They fit like a glove and they're sooo soft. I saw them yesterday while I was waiting for my eye appt. (just getting my prescription checked). But I didn't have the right socks on so I wasn't sure what size to get. I went back today (with handknit socks on) and bought a size 9. And I needed new boots. I threw out my lovely blue pair at the end of last season when the lining fell apart.

Speaking of eyes, there's nothing stranger than having something poking you in the eye and not feel a thing. And then they put the pupil enlarging drops in. I couldn't see up close for hours. Luckily, I don't have to look at my hands when I knit.

Here's the status on Mom's cardi:

I had to take my car in to have the speakers replaced (this is the first time that I've ever bought the extended warranty on anything and it actually paid off) so I found a bench in the sun and knit for over an hour. I would like to reach the underarms by Sunday so that she can try it on.

Mom and Dad are coming over for Thanksgiving supper - don't fall over in shock. My Dad doesn't like my cooking so it's been years since I've made a whole meal for him. I'm wimping out and serving a spiral cut ham. I'm going to cook up some yams, brussel sprouts (blech but everyone else likes them), and plain white rice (Dad made it quite clear that he won't eat potatoes). Mom and Dad are bringing some stuffing. Hubby is going to make pumpkin pie. He even does the pie crust from scratch! (yep, he's a keeper) Since I don't like pumpkin pie, I'm going to make a different dessert for myself. There's only the 4 of us so it's going to be kept simple. Besides, we're having Thanksgiving supper with hubby's family on Monday so we want to make sure there's room for more.

It was so nice to sit in the sun today. It was 0C (that's 32F aka freezing) this morning so I knew it was going to be a sunny day. But today is the exception. It'll revert back to 'liquid sunshine' for goodness knows how long.


CraftyCanadian said...

HA! Liquid sunshine - that's great :)

The thing I miss most about Vancouver is those early fall days when it gets cold but the sun still shines and the leaves are falling - just like today from your description!

I used to live in the Dunbar area (just off UBC Campus) and worked at 10th & Broadway (BC Cancer Agency) so there were always so many pretty trees around... *sigh* I am enjoying our 'cooler' weather here - hey it's as good as it gets and it'd damn short so I better make the most of it right :)

PurlingPirate said...

Love those boots!

The weather forecaster tonight said we should see a cool front coming in and it will only be in the 80s next week! That's fall for Texas!