Monday, October 15, 2007

a good mail day

Usually, the mailperson brings bills and junk mail. But today, there were 2 goodies in the mailbox.

Some Cherry Tree Hill (in Peacock) and Lorna's Laces (in Yellowstone) showed up. I'd purchased them from another Ravelry user. They are sooo lovely. This is my first LL. I am very happy about the CTH - it really is one of my favourite sock yarns.

Also in the mail were 3 Addi turbo circs (also liberated from a Ravelry user). So now, I have no more excuses - I must start Anna's Christmas present.

The Endpaper mitts hit a snag yesterday night. I must've fallen asleep when I put the thumb stitches on a holder. I had to tink back 5 rounds to fix a very obvious boo boo in the colourwork. But all is good.

And Phoebe seems to have a new cat toy today. I bought myself a laser level thingy to help me with my quilting. I can use it on the floor to help me keep the seams straight when I baste. I can also "draw" a straight line for trimming the edge of a quilt. Anyways, I put the laser level on the floor to see how bright it is during daylight hours and Phoebe immediately pounced on the red line. I waved it around a bit and she went totally beserk. I had her running up the stairs, chasing it up the wall, and smacking at the floor. She would get totally confused when she ran in front of the beam and the light "disappeared". Ha ha! This is going to be a great toy.

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Put a Sock in it said...

Fab yarns! I adore knitting with LL, and have a skein of CTH that looks lovely although I've yet to knit with it.