Friday, October 26, 2007

what day is it?

Is it Friday? Already? Where did the week go?

If this blog entry is a little incoherent, it's due to the fact that I've been up since 2:30am. Yep, I'm running on 3 hours sleep. I woke up coughing - my throat was dry and scratchy. I must've been sleeping with my mouth open or something. I moved my legs to get out of bed to get a drink but I was pinned. I pulled my free leg out to see if it was hubby's fault but my foot came in contact with something furry - ah, Ricky. I maneuver out of bed - trying not to disturb him. I went downstairs, drank some water, and made a pit stop. I crawled back into bed but I was wide awake by then. I tossed and turned for 45 mins and finally, gave up. I slapped on my housecoat and schlepped downstairs where I parked my butt in front of the laptop, and surfed aimlessly until it was time to feed the cats. I'll need a nap this afternoon.

It was hubby's birthday on Wed. Happy Birthday, sweetie! We had a quiet evening at home (I had to miss knit nite). I made unagi (to be precise, I heated up 2 frozen pre-cooked filets) and stir fried some bok choy sprouts and enoki mushrooms. This was served on jasmine rice. For dessert, there was a pecan pie and Hagen Daas vanilla bean ice cream. Yum! After dessert, hubby opened his presents. He got some gift cards, the chat pad for his Xbox 360, and cash. I gave him some chocolately goodies, the mittens I made (there's been frost the last 2 mornings so he's already wearing them), and Viva Pinata. And the bestest present was this:

He bought it for himself on the weekend. It's a 24" widescreen LCD monitor (1920x1080). Talk about huge! The first thing he did after getting it set up was play an Xbox 360 game or 3. After the birthday dinner and dessert, we loaded up Pushing Daisies and watched the first 2 episodes on the new monitor. Sweeeet!

The birthday celebrations aren't over yet. We're going to my parents' for supper on the weekend so there'll be more good food, cake, and presents.

There's been all sorts of knitting stuff happening. My KP Harmony dpns showed up. But I don't get to use them just yet. They'll be part of my Christmas presents from my parents so I gotta hand 'em over this weekend.

I bought some more Sisu yarn. After finishing the first Endpaper mitten, I am going to have lots of leftover brown so I bought a skein of lilac to make another pair. The 5 skeins of cream/natural might turn into Cookie A's German Stockings.

My Monkey sock swap pal emailed me to say that my package is on its way. Yipee! I can't wait to see my socks and the rest of the goodies.

I've put aside Anna's mumble mumble this week to work on Mom's cardigan. I finished knitting the body and one sleeve is almost done.

I'm not entirely sure when the sleeve will be the right length. It's a raglan so I don't quite know where the shoulder is. I'll probably get Mom to try it on this weekend. Yeah, it won't be a surprise at Christmas. That's ok. Mom asked me to make her a sweater and since she's picky about her clothes, I made her pick out the pattern and the yarn.

When I pulled out my 4.5mm Addi Turbo circs to knit the ribbing, I could tell right away that there was something wrong. The shiny chrome finish has come off one of the tips. Humph! I only bought these needles in May and they've only been used a few times. Luckily, they have a lifetime guarantee so I just need to take them back where I bought them and get a new one.

And now, onto the cat portion of today's blog entry... Ricky has been trying to eat my squid snacks again. See -

"Mooooom! I want some!" - Ricky

And it's still sunny outside so Ricky's melting in the sunshine:

"Stop taking pictures of me - I'm trying to get some beauty sleep" - Ricky

"Need that window ledge to prop up my back foot" - Ricky


CraftyCanadian said...

Awww your Ricky is SOOO cute!

Jenn said...

I love Ricky! He's the cutest!

bobbi said...

it was my granddaughter E's birthday wednesday also, happy birthday to your hubby

delovely said...

I've tagged you :)