Friday, October 12, 2007

is it Friday already?

This short week is messing up my internal clock. I can't believe it's already Friday!

Knit nite was a blast. There were a few new faces and we spilled out into the rest of the store now that there are so many of us. I was working on hubby's Christmas socks and I was starting the 4x1 ribbing up the leg. Well, you would've thought I was mentally challenged or something because I had to rip out the first round twice because I was incapable of counting to 3. Argh!

I bought the IK Holiday Gifts issue. There are some cool things in it. The teddy bear and Koolhaas hat are at the top of my knit list. But I must wait until after all my Christmas knitting is done.

A little while ago, I read about making sock blockers out of vinyl placemats. All of mine are fabric so when I spotted some at the dollar store, I bought 4 for a whopping $2. This morning, I chopped them up. Before:


I was a little dubious at first because the vinyl was so floppy but once you cut them up, they're less bendy. One pair has a 9.5" foot and the other a 10" foot. The socks that I knit for myself tend to vary a little in length. I'm going to make some more of these because they really do make your socks dry faster.

I have been working furiously on my Mom's cardi. I have about 4" to knit before I can start the ribbing.

I stopped at Burnaby Knitworks (probably the last time before they close at the end of the month) and picked up some Sisu.

I will be making Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. The brown will be the background yarn. I'm also going to make them full mittens with a thumb and finger tip. Hopefully, these will be for myself but we'll see what size they end up. I've never done colourwork before and this looks like an easy project. Plus a knit nite regular has knit them several times so I have hands on help if I get lost/confused/stumped.

I spied the sock yarn of my dreams on eBay yesterday night. It's Noro Kureyon in a fingering/sport weight, 75% wool and 25% nylon, 459 yds per 100g skein, and it comes in those gorgeous Noro colours. This morning, I went to buy a skein and the colour that I wanted was gone. In fact, 2 of the 3 skeins listed were already sold. So I went over to the online store and placed my order. Well... shortly afterwards, I get an update that says my order's "on hold". The last skein has sold on eBay and the remaining colours have been removed from their online store. I am scared to ask what "on hold" means. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


ikisti said...

love the idea for sock blockers... I may just have to steal that.

The Imperfect Knitter said...

Your sock blockers are so great , do you have a template for them , or do you just draw them free hand ?