Tuesday, October 30, 2007

pjs and leaves

No knitting today (lots of knitting yesterday night - I turned the heel on the Monkey sock) but lots of sewing. I finished up hubby's 'ski' pyjamas. Everything, and I mean everything in my sewing room is now covered in a fine layer of burgundy lint.

I finished up a jacket that I will never wear. The colours aren't me - I don't know why I bought that fabric. Oh well - I'm sure I'll find someone to take it off my hands.

I also tripped over a bag of leftover quilt batting one too many times so I hauled out all my batting leftovers and I'm donating it to the quilt guild recycling program.

Ricky's parked himself in the living room bay window ledge. He loves watching the leaves fall and he chases them. Last year, he was watching a storm blow the leaves around and he ran so fast that he smacked his head into the wall. Ricky's great cat TV.

"I'm waiting..." - Ricky

"Please fall down, pretty pleeeeeeeze" - Ricky

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PurlingPirate said...

I'm gonna send my sewing to your house!