Sunday, October 14, 2007

mmmm... pretty

I'm a little bored with knitting for other people. I have been working exclusively on birthday/Christmas presents for weeks now. I felt like a break so this morning I cast on Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts.

So very pretty! I love the colours. I love the way it looks. I don't like how snug it is although, the gauge is right. Maybe I'll block it bigger. Does it look like it's my first colourwork project? Well, it is. At first, it was a bit tricky juggling the two strands of yarn but after awhile, I was able to arrange both strands in my right hand so that I didn't have to drop/pick up the other colour.

I'm making a few mods. First, I'm going to make these full mittens instead of fingerless. I substituted the 3 pattern repeats at the wrist for a 2.5" 2x2 ribbed cuff in the background colour (brown). I will knit the thumb in solid brown. I will probably add a repeat or 2 before knitting the tip of the mitten in brown.

This mitten makes me want to make the Anemoi ones, too. I just can't get over how easy it is. Now I can cross stranded knitting off my learn-to-knit list. Woo hoo!


PurlingPirate said...

Yeah you!!!! It's one thing I really struggle with and just don't enjoy but I think it's just beautiful. Again, I'm in awe!!

The Imperfect Knitter said...

The mitts are beautiful , are you going to knit socks to match ?