Tuesday, October 9, 2007

check it out

Last week, I caught the tail end of a new show called Pushing Daisies. I was intrigued enough to watch it again tonite. Imagine my surprise when it opens with a scene of Emerson (the private investigator) executing a purl stitch and then the voice over says the words "gun cozy". I won't spoil it completely for those of you who haven't seen it yet. Let's just say that a knitting needle saved the day and that hand knitted socks aren't just for wearing on your feet. I think I'll be watching this show next week, too.

Thanksgiving is over and I feel like I've eaten my weight in ham, turkey, and stuffing. There is still a whole pumpkin pie in the fridge. Burp! I'll be putting a treadmill on my Christmas list.

The sun was shining yesterday and we took advantage of it. Hubby raked up all the leaves and we put them into 2 giant leaf bags that look like pumpkins. I also put up a bunch of Halloween decorations on the front porch. The fake spider web is looking a bit sad. I'm going to get a new one tomorrow.

I was at work today. The clearance sales have started. I bought a bunch of FQs, some half meters of fabric, and 2 spools of variegated thread. The store is starting to feel empty. Some of the fixtures are already gone and there's only 5 metal bolt holders left in the store. It's so sad to see the store closing sniff sniff.

Mom's cardi is progressing well. I slipped the sleeve stitches onto scrap yarn and I'm knitting the body now. I'm not bored of it yet so maybe I'll actually finish it on time. Yeah right.

I spent this morning photographing part of my stash. I've decided to sell some of my cotton and cotton/acrylic. I have way too much of it and I know that I'll never knit it up. They're on my Ravelry trade/swap page if anyone's interested.

We're back to rain today. Ricky and Phoebe certainly enjoyed the one day of sunshine.

"You can't make me turn away from the sun so that you can take a better picture" - Phoebe

"Yowza - that's some good sunshine" - Ricky

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knitseashore said...

Love your kitty photos! It's been so gray here that I'll be fighting for my spot by the windows when it comes back out.