Saturday, October 13, 2007

sock and sock yarn

I finished hubby's first Christmas sock. It was a close finish. By the time I finished binding off, I only had about 1.5" of yarn left. I need to remember to leave more yarn for a sewn bind off.

I heard back about my yarn order. It turns out that the yarn they had was only for eBay. It accidentally got added to their computer inventory and thus available on their online store. So no sock yarn - for now. My order is still on file and when the yarn arrives (in Jan 2008), I'll be one of the first to get it - aside from those lucky eBay shoppers who beat me to it.

My garden is slowing shutting down but there are few things that look their best at this time of year. My current favourite is my Beauty Berry bush.

It will look even more spectacular when the leaves fall off and all that's left are the berries on bare branches. It's quite stunning.

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Petra said...

Hi Dotty - Its Petra from 3 Bags Full =). We've had our beauty berry for 2 years now and it never actually forms such pretty berries! Lots of healthy foliage, no purply goodness afterwards. I never knew what it was supposed to look like!