Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Skeins of sweetgeorgia sock yarn? (I wish) Skeins of yarn? (I've probably got more) Knitting days til Christmas? (close but it's actually 250)

261 is the number of tulips in my backyard (yes, I counted) give or take a few. The total number of tulips on the property is probably over 300. I can't really take credit for the red and yellow ones since they came with the house. I have some Queen of the Night (black purple) tulips out front that haven't started blooming yet. When they do, I'll post pictures.

I did lots of yard work today. I spent 2 hours top dressing and overseeding part of the front lawn. We still have to deal with the rest of the front lawn plus the side of the house. I also went out and bought plants for my hanging baskets. I only make 3 - one for shade and 2 for full sun. This year, I bought voodoo fuschias for the shade basket. I bought blue nemesia, blue bacopa, white verbena, pink nemesia, apricot petunia, purple swan river daisy, and pink verbena for the full sun ones. It's a little too early for hanging baskets since it can still get quite cool at night but it's easy to bring them under cover when I need to.

I broke down and started a plain stockinette sock yesterday. And I didn't use the sweetgeorgia yarn. I have a few skeins of sock yarn lying on the coffee table taunting me. One of the skeins is my very first sock yarn purchase. It's nothing exciting - just some Patons Kroy socks that I bought from a craft store (probably Lewiscraft since no other craft store sells sock yarn). There were issues with the yarn - lots of breaks so I put it away after trying to knit with it. Now that I have more sock experience, I'm going back to it and I've rewound the skein so that I'm knitting from the end with fewer breaks. When I reach the "breaking point" (ha ha), I can cast off and just have shortie socks.

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The Imperfect Knitter said...

What a beautiful garden , my idea of gardening is sitting watching somebody else doing it ! if you let me have your address will post the swallowtail to you