Thursday, April 26, 2007


The second Kroy sock has taken a big step backwards. I divided the stitches to do the heel and I couldn't get the right number on both needles. After a quick count, I realized that I must've cast on the wrong number of stitches when I started the toe. Doh! I tried the sock on and it's too small so I had to frog the whole thing and start again. A whole MacGyver DVD wasted!

Thanks to my friend, Angela - I am now the proud owner of a set of Susan Bates Silvalume sock needles. I bought some sock yarn awhile ago and I needed size 00 to get gauge (no, I'm not a loose knitter - it's just a fine yarn). So now, I have no excuse. It'll be interesting to see how I like them. Grumperina loves hers.

Ricky is ok. The tests didn't show anything weird so the vet thinks he's got a sensitive stomach. He prescribed some hypoallergenic food - venison and rice. My cat is eating venison!!! And for the price that I'm paying, it better be good venison.

I have spent 2 solid days working on my youngest niece's quilt. It is going well but I had to undo a few pieces when I discovered that I'd sewn the wrong ones together. It's a sure sign that it's too late to be sewing when your brain stops functioning. I hope to finish piecing the top this weekend. I'll have pictures next week.

I am currently addicted to this flash game (click at your own risk - don't say I didn't warn you). My highest score so far is 272.

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The Imperfect Knitter said...

Poor cat , only venison ? can't you put some caviaar in with his rice ? Your cat lives like a King . I am looking forward to seeing some of your quilt photos .