Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sheep to shawl event this weekend

I'm taking Andrew to a birthday party, otherwise we'd probably go to the Sheep to Shawl competition in Surrey this weekend. Take a sheep, shear it, and turn it into a shawl.

I'm not sure if they can do that all in one day. Should be amusing.

Yes, I am still knitting, just not blogging about it! I've got a noro entrelac bag that's almost done — finished the bag last night, and I'm just trying to decide if I want two short handles or one long one.

And I've got a pair of cashmere anklets on the go for my sister-in-law. Photos to come tonight, hopefully.

Tony was out of town most of last week, and then he was off on his bike ride last night, so I've been on major kid duty.

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