Friday, April 6, 2007

still here

It's been a busy week and this weekend is crammed with family events with the exception of today. So I've got a little time to blog and catch up on things.

The hemp swatch came out of the dryer and it feels like butta.

I knit the stockinette on 2.75mm needles and I did the lace bit on 3.5mm needles. I really like the drape of the fabric in the lace section. It doesn't drape as well on the top. I don't want to go to bigger needles for the stockinette because it's a skirt and the fabric should not be see-through. But rather than doing the increases in the lace section, I will switch to bigger needles each time there is an increase row. It'll make the bottom of the skirt a lot swishy-er. I've got a lot of math to do.

The fabric didn't shrink at all so I need to make some adjustment to the pattern and knit to the post-shrink size rather than the pre-shrink size. That's not a big deal.

One concern I had was the ruffled hem. I was worried that the ruffle wouldn't hold up in this kind of yarn so I knit a few hem rows before casting off. As you can see, the ruffle is holding it's shape in the swatch. Yahoo! Cuz I really like the ruffle.

No cat loyalty
Ricky has abandoned us for our house guest. Usually, he sleeps in our bed at night. But ever since Simon's been here, Ricky's sleeping with Simon (with the exception of Tues night cuz Simon forgot to leave his door open a crack). Yesterday, Simon went off to stay with other relatives for the weekend. I was expecting Ricky to join us but he slept on the guest bed by himself. I bet he was hoping Simon would show up. Ricky is such a traitor!

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Anne said...

Ooh I can't wait to see more!! Get to work :p I kid, but I am excited to see how this knits up for you - I love the color you chose.