Saturday, April 14, 2007


I have been waiting ages and the last (as in, there-may-never-be-any-more) shipment of Sweetgeorgia finally arrived at my lys this week. They sent out a newsletter yesterday announcing the arrival and I read it during my lunch break from lawn maintenance today. Not willing to risk missing out on all the good colours, I told hubby to keep raking without me while I dashed out. Some of the colours were already gone but I bought 2 skeins each of Fondant and Afterglow. Aren't they pretty? I am going to miss her (yarn) a lot.

And an Indigo ripples skirt update... I've got about 6" of stockinette knit up. But it's curling so much that it doesn't look like much on the needles and it's hard to see my progress. See what I mean?

I dropped off our house guest at the airport yesterday so we've got the house to ourselves again. I am officially off tour guide duty. On the way back from the airport, I stopped at the fabric store and bought this fabric:

There wasn't much left so I bought the rest of the bolt. I am currently in love with pink and brown. Don't ask me why.

I am busy assembling goodies for my Knitter's Treat Exchange recipient. I went shopping all day yesterday looking for things. I was only partially successful. I hope to have better luck next week.

The clerk at the local postal outlet is getting to know me. I've been giving away yarn on Good Yarn Karma and in the last week, I've mailed 3 packages. And some of it is going to far away places. The farthest is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. But get this - it's cheaper to send yarn there than it is to send yarn to Minnesota. Go figure.


P-la said...

That fabric is great! I'm sad that I won't get any Sweet Georgia yarn. I've been scouring the 'nets hoping something comes up somewhere since none of my LYS carried it.

R a i n said...


You said you mailed yarn off to UAE right? I was wondering whether that knitter had a blog that you could give me a link to? My home is in UAE too and I want to know where she gets her yarn from....

Hope you'll be able to help me out. Thanks =)

Teri said...

Come join the indigo ripples skirt KAL. We would love to see your WIP and FO!

Here is the link: