Monday, April 23, 2007

socks, cat, quilt, lawn (in that order)

I finished the first sock using the Paton's Kroy yarn. I wove in 8 ends. The socks are really short but I couldn't stand all the breaks in the yarn so I stopped knitting. There should be more quality control for yarn that's made in Italy. I've started the toe on the second sock. I got a MacGyver DVD in the mail today so that means the sock will get lots of attention.

I took Ricky to the vet this morning. He hasn't been doing well and at first, I thought it was the change in diet but I've switched him back to his old food and he's still not 100%. The vet shaved a little patch of fur off his neck and took some blood for testing. I'll hear the results tomorrow. I hope it's nothing too serious.

This weekend was busy busy. I went to the FVQG quilt show. It was crowded. I thought it was a ho-hum exhibit. Only one quilt stood out - the rest were just nice. I picked up some brown & pink fabrics from the merchant mall. Plus they had quilting magazines - 5 for $1 so I got 5. I didn't see anything from the boutique that I wanted. I took my Mom to the show and afterwards, we went out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Yum! On the way home, I stopped at a fabric store that was having a sale and I picked up the Peace Quilt pattern by Margaret Rolfe. I might go back and pick up the Dresden Ring pattern by Patchworks Studio.

Sat and Sun were consumed with lawn work. We raked up the moss, top dressed, and overseeded. It was back breaking work even with the help of the thatching blade on the lawn mower. Luckily, it's going to rain most of this week so I don't have to spend too much of my time watering.

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