Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Yarn for Karma

As mentioned in a previous post, I've gone through my yarn and everything that I want to give away is posted on the Good Yarn Karma blog. Go check it out.

Not much knitting lately. My hubby's second cousin (Hi Simon!) is staying with us. He's from Germany but he's been living/working at a wilderness camp in the Rockies for the last 11 months. He's got a month left before he heads back home. Not bad for a teenager!

Yesterday, I took him to the English Bay and Stanley Park so that he could see/smell the Pacific Ocean. He also had his first real taste of Japanese food. Amazingly, he has pretty decent chopstick skills. We also visited SFU as he's interested in getting his post secondary degree outside of Germany. Today, he's off with another relative and they're going to hit some other touristy places (Granville Island, Jericho Beach, Vanier Park).

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