Sunday, April 1, 2007

flashing my stash

Hubby better not be looking...

This is my sock stash:

Top row (l-r): MCY in Blue Ice; Sweetgeorgia in Blue Steel; Regia Cotton Surf col 5411; Online Supersocke 100 Summer in 787; Cherry Tree Hill in Moody Blues; Tofutsies col 730
Middle row (l-r): Indigo Moon in purple, sage, and butterscotch; Schaefer Anne col unknown; Jojoland Quartette col 504; Koigu kpppm semi-solid purple
Bottom row (l-r): Sweetgeorgia superwash in Cassis; Louet Gems in Baby Neptune; Regia 4ply hand dyed by moi; DG Confetti col 09.002; DG Confetti col 9035; Scheepjes Invicta Extra col 1357
MIA: Panda Cotton, Panda Wool, and more Regia Surf (see this post for pics)

Pairs of socks I can knit from my stash: at least 24.

This is my lace & handspun stash:

Top row (l-r): Knit Picks Shadow in Oregon Coast; Knit Picks Shadow in Vineyard; Iona Silk Wool (cobweb!) in burgunday; Sun Bench Fibres mohair boucle; Fiddlesticks Knitting Jaggerspun in Lady Slipper
Middle row (l-r): Filatura Cervinia Imperiale mohair in cols 4120 and 4108 (yarn souvenier from Disneyland); Rowan Kidsilk Haze in col 606; Shepherd's Cottage Wool shetland lace in white
Bottom row (l-r): Mount Lehman Llamas llama/merino handspun in magenta; Long Buckby Farm llama/mohair/silk handspun

This is some of my cotton:

Some of this is dishcloth cotton; some of it for knitwear; there is a lone skein of Super 10 and a lone skein of Euroflax linen. Some of it is cotton/acrylic and some of it is vintage Patons Weekender.

Here is my 'on hand' yarn:

These bins sit beside the family room sofa where I do most of my knitting. There are 5 bins in total. The top 2 hold wips, swatches, bits and bobs, notions, etc. The bottom 3 bins hold yarn for wips, leftovers, and yarn that doesn't have any other home.

Top bin (l-r): leftover Fleece Artist sock yarn and underneath it is some Lion Brand Homespun; Cascade 220 for my Arwen; leftover olive Malabrigo, Panda wool and Panda cotton; vintage Perfina sock yarn in a hideous yellow
Middle bin (l-r): This is all my sock yarn (see sock stash picture above)
Botton bin (l-r): Patons Classic Merino for mittens; some white mohair; Moda Dea Wild! in Denim and Flames for scarves

More yarn in the immediate vicinity of the family room sofa...

l-r: Bernat Matrix; 2 bags of Marks & Kattens Dream; Patons Classic Merino

Here is my afghan yarn:

Clockwise starting from top left: Patons Bohemian in Beatnik Blues; mosaic knitting afghan in black & red Red Heart; Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington; Patons Divine in Soft Earth and Icicle White

Number of afghans I can knit from stash: 5

Going upstairs, I keep most of my sweater/cardigan yarn under the guest bed.

On the left is Bernat Denimstyle in Weathered Rose and Polo. There's also 2 skeins of Wendy cotton chenille. On the right is some crochet cotton but mostly Bernat Handicrafter cotton.

Number of adult garments I can knit from stash: 9

There are a 3 smaller stashes of yarn hidden away. Most of it vintage stuff that I was given or purchased from a garage sale/thrift shop/etc.


The Imperfect Knitter said...

Oh , I just love your stash , I get quite excited looking at it , is there ANYTHING better than lots and lots of yarn ? I am sorry but something happened to your comment on my Hidcote shawl, I pressed the key and ------- NOTHING , it is somewhere in the ether . Yes wouldn't it be great if we were 'paired' in the knitters treats ? I have had so many comments on your gorgeous wee sock , it is still on display , I think eventually it will become a Christmas Tree Ornament .

allergicmom said...

Okay, now I can point Tony at someone else when he raises his eyebrows at my stash! LOL!

We could also give away some of the yarn if we could think of a contest ...

amy said...

awesome. now when my husband complains about all my "string," I can show him this...