Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Journey Cable Socks

Awhile ago, I posted about some test knitting that I was doing. Well, the pattern's finally published so I can blog about it.

Yarn: Indigo Moon dk merino in cornflower; one 225g skein
Needles: 2.5mm dpns

My picture doesn't do the socks justice. One sock looks bigger than the other but that's because they didn't block well. I made the larger size and my sock blockers don't have a high enough instep. The heel of the sock kept slipping off the blocker. And I made one boo boo when I knit the first sock. Can you spot it?

The socks that I made are in the picture accompanying the pattern. So you could say that I've been published as well.

I can't tell you how much I like these socks. They weren't hard to make (aside from the whole "testing" aspect) and they look better when you're wearing them because you can really see how the cables move around.

Not much progress on the indigo ripples skirt. I think I've got about 5" of skirt done. I tried to take some pictures but the skirt is curling badly and I don't have my regular photography setup available which means I can't pin it down for pics.

I was assigned my Knitter's Treat Exchange recipient on Sunday. We've exchanged a few emails and I think I know what to get her. Hee hee. Time to do a little shopping. And I've been contacted by my treater as well. She had a ton of questions! I think she's American and possibly from the east coast. She used the term 'you all" in her email (Someone Else: if you're reading this, am I right?)

The jeep is all fixed up. The lawn mower has been forgiven. There should be no more problems since there is now 3 cu yards of topsoil in the spot where the jeep was parked when it got nailed by the rock.


P-la said...

Those socks look great!!

SJ said...


I'm curious, how did you wind up being a test knitter in the first place? I've always wanted to be a test knitter, but I always thought you had to know someone.