Monday, April 16, 2007

done shopping

I am finished shopping for my Knitter's Treat Exchange treatee. I picked up the last few items today. I can't quite send the parcel just yet. I am waiting for some stuff to arrive that I ordered from eBay. I also bought fabric to sew up a little something which I should do this afternoon.

We've got 6 DVDs rented (technically, we should only have 4 since that's all we've paid for) so there's been lots of knitting time in the evenings. I have 7.5" of the indigo ripples skirt done. Am I making fast enough progress, Anne?

The skirt monogamy might end soon. The siren song of the sweetgeorgia sock yarn is calling to me. Will Fondant be the first on the needles or Afterglow? Hmmm....

And I want to be the first to post this picture (beat you, Simon!):

This is Simon (my husband's second cousin from Germany) posing in front of Shannon Falls just south of Whistler, BC. So that you understand how tall the falls are, Simon is 6'4". He had his very first pit toilet experience while we were there. He's been living in the Rockies almost an entire year and he has never used/seen a pit toilet? Anyways, I drove him up to Whistler so that he could see all the sights along the Sea to Sky highway. The weather wasn't co-operating but we didn't get too wet. Simon likes climbing so we stopped at the base of the Squamish Chief but there were no climbers out that day. We walked around Whistler village and did a little shopping (rock candy - yum!). Simon also dives so we stopped at Porteau Cove so that he could see where the local divers go. There's an artificial reef there so it's a very popular place. He was surprised that diving is free as long as you pay to park your car. In Germany, Simon doesn't live near the coast so he's forced to do most of his diving in an indoor facility. I'm sure that gets expensive.

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