Saturday, May 12, 2007

fibrefest loot


Well, it was lots of fun. I went with Grete (pronounced Greta) and we went a little crazy. The first booth I saw was Hamels Fabrics which set my quilting heart a-flutter. I zoomed over there and Grete ditched me to look at yarn. She came back awhile later and said, "you're still here!". My relationship with fabric runs deeper than my relationship with yarn. Fabric always trumps yarn. We decided to split up and meet for lunch at 1pm. I bought some co-ordinating FQs and 2 other FQs that I need for another project.

I eventually stumbled over to Fun Knits and found the Addi Turbo lace circs that I've been looking for. I also bought 2 mini sock blocker kits. Aren't they adorable? Fun Knits has the Regia Canadiana line of sock yarn but they're still out of the Vancouver colour.

Gladys - Since you had to miss out, I bought one of these for you. Which colour do you want?

One of my favourite dyers had a booth - Trish of Indigo Moon. She didn't have any fingering weight sock yarn. I did get some yarn although, I didn't pay for it. And no, I didn't steal it. I'm going to do some sample knitting for her. I told her about the socks that I knit for Sivia out of her yarn. Trish is a weaver and not a knitter so she doesn't have any knitting samples to show off her yarn. I'm knitting her a pair of simple socks and I'll knit a small lace sample with the leftover yarn.

I wandered around some more. Pinched and squeezed a lot of yarn - cashmere, angora, and buffalo to name a few. I found this great skein of suri alpaca at the Dovecote booth and when I pulled it out of the bin, the tag said "not for sale". ARGH! It was soooo soft and it was a lovely grey-blue. I was going to buy it regardless of the price but it wasn't for sale. I asked about it and was told that I could contact them after the show to place an order.

I eventually strolled into the Homespun Haven booth where I found some hand dyed Bambu 7 100% bamboo. The yarn should be renamed "Bambu Heaven". I didn't buy anything during my first visit. But after lunch, I zoomed in there and bought all the indigo bambu (5 skeins; approx. 600g/2800yds) and one skein of blue/purple bambu (approx. 120g/550yds). Several booths had bambu 7 (Jane Stafford Textiles and Fibres Plus) but Homespun Haven was the only one that sold hand dyed bambu. I have no idea what to make with the yarn. Suggestions?

Now that my wallet was tired and empty, I went looking for Grete and found her at the Jane Stafford booth buying her second batch of Euroflax linen (hey - it was on sale). I had to laugh. I think she bought a total of 9 skeins. She also bought 10 skeins of black shetland/alpaca from Shepherd's Cottage Wool. The yarn's not black-black but more of a dark-brown-black. It really depends on the lighting. I can't wait to see what she makes with it.

You're probably wondering what the damage is and who won the contest... I spent a whopping $130.82! What can I say - there was fabric. And the winner is - KnitNZu. Congrats and thanks to everyone for playing.


knitnzu said...

Hey Dotty! Looks like you had a ball, and you came home with some lovely stuff too. I'm so excited I won your contest! That number just came out of thin air! (Actually it went something like 'oh 80 something, but wait it's CDN, so, 120 something'-having no clue about the exchange rate-, and then the number came out of thin air)

P-la said...

Looks like you did well!!! Love your newest additions!