Sunday, May 6, 2007


So the first mess of the weekend came when I woke up to the sound of Ricky retching at 6:15am on Sat. Before I could protect the carpet, he vomited. It was big and messy and I had to drag out the carpet cleaning machine. I never did get back to sleep although hubby did. I waited til a decent hour before I called the vet for another appt. First thing tomorrow morning, I'm dragging Ricky back there.

The second mess is in the 'workshop'. It was the previous owners' workshop but a few years after we bought the house, we finally renovated it ourselves. However, we ran out steam and never quite got the window casings and trim done... until now. (I will not go into the details about why we're doing it now but it's related to hubby buying his 3rd bicycle) Anyways, I had to move a bunch of stuff away from both windows. I can't get to the deep freeze or the second fridge. I moved my ironing board and everything underneath it from below the second window. This is what my quilting corner looks like right now.

I told him yesterday when we bought all the wood that I needed my quilting space back by Mon morning as I have something I need to quilt. Yesterday, it took hubby 2 hours to cut 4 pieces of wood for the other window (which is only half done). He hasn't started working on my window yet. It's almost 7:30pm on Sunday. I am not holding my breath.

There was some stash enhancement yesterday. I've been lusting after the Knit Cropped Raglan Sweater from the Lion Brand website after I saw it in one of their newsletters (sorry, I don't have the link anywhere and the Lion website seems to be down). I've been searching for a worsted weight cotton for the last few weeks. There aren't many worsted weight cottons - most cotton yarn seems to be dk weight. I finally decided on Lion Brand cotton-ease in charcoal. It's not 100% cotton which is fine by me - I think the acrylic helps the garment retain it's shape and adds drape. I swatched so I know what size to make. I just need to pick up some 4.5mm Addi Turbos first.

I hear hammering - there may be some hope yet!

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Sorry about the messes. Funny thing, a former roommate taught my Golden Girl that "messes" meant food had fallen on the floor and was okay to grab before the humans cleaned it up. Yes, we are crazy!