Friday, May 25, 2007

samples anyone?

I'm motoring along on my sample knitting. I will finish the second sock tonite. I've got lots of yarn leftover so I'm going to knit a few plain stockinette samples using different sized needles. The deadline is looming but I'm confident that everything will be washed/blocked/dried before they have to go in the mail. Then I can get back to the regularly scheduled program of gift knitting and sock knitting for myself.

I am fighting a bad case of startitis. I have 4 socks otn and 3 of them are suffering from SSS. But I want to start other socks, I want to knit with my bambu, I want to make this sweater (already have the pattern; don't have any dk yarn in the stash so I've been shopping; can't decide between dark brown 100% smooth silk, lilac 100% slubby silk, or tea rose cashmere/silk - all from ColourMart), I want to make this nightie (using the bambu?)... I am such a bad girl.

So does anyone in Canada with a subscription to IK have their Summer 2007 issue yet? Mine isn't here and no one else at knit nite has their's either. I called customer service today and they said that subscribers should get their issue about a week before it hits the newstands. If that's the case, then mine is almost 3 weeks late. Maybe I should just buy it at my lys instead of renewing my subscription.

Phoebe is quite disgusted with all this talk about 'tocks (or maybe she's unhappy that I'm playing the same Josh Groban song over and over and over again). However, she doesn't feel it's right to let Ricky have the last 'tock.

"Impressive, eh?" - Phoebe

"Yeah, but can you do this?" - Ricky

(I thought their 3am fights were bad enough but now they're taking over the blog. Yeesh.)


Ella said...

I'm in London, Ont and got my IK on Wednesday this week. Hope yours comes soon :)

PurlingPirate said...

*sigh* I always have startitis!

Reasoning E'Bert said...

I'm on the West Coast of Canada and haven't received my IK yet either. But then again, there is a gremlin in the mail system here who misdirects about a third of my mail. I've sent a message to IK and they are sending me a second copy. It's the second time this has happened in just over a year.

Besides that, I just love your blog. The cats are adorable.

knitnzu said...

Hi Dotty! Got home late last night, sick w/ mom's cold! Opened mail this morning, and found your lovely package! Thanks so much for the sock keychain kit! I'll blog about it soon...but I think I'm back to bed right now.

The Imperfect Knitter said...

hello Dotty , copy of Ik arrived about a week ago , makes a change for it to be early . I luuuuurve the nightie you are going to knit .......naughtie nightie ......