Wednesday, May 16, 2007

knit split

I had a glorious afternoon of knitting while working at the quilt store yesterday. I was able to knit down to where I had to split off the sleeves.

I tried it on and it fits! An added bonus. So far this has been a great knit. I still love the yarn. The yardage is great, too - I just joined the 3rd skein.

Onto some quilting news... I donated a quilt to The Quilt last year and it's up for auction now. The picture's lousy - you can't see the ginko leaves in the border. Last year, you could click on the image and see a larger version but they don't have that this year. My friend's quilt already has a bid on it. So go take a look and bid on something that you like. The money goes to a very good cause.

Ricky finally has a diagnosis - bacterial gastritis. The closest human equivalent is an ulcer. I picked up 2 more meds on Mon - a liquid and some antacid pills. The new liquid must taste awful because he puts up a lot of resistance and he starts drooling massive amounts of saliva. I don't know how much of it is getting into him. I put in a call to the vet to see if the medication comes in another form that is easier to administer. Hopefully, I'll hear from him today. We fed Ricky the antacid pill yesterday night and it wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be. Ricky has been very good about taking his medication. He doesn't run away when I grab the bottle of antibiotics out of the fridge. He doesn't run away when hubby wraps him up in a towel. And we haven't suffered any clawing injuries. And he seems fine after each dose whereas I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life. I can't wait for this to be over.

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